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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  December 18, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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6-year-old james mat owe low left the church as family and friends hugged each other in their grief. his family described him as a numbers guy who love math and recess. soon after the little boy's funeral, the somber scene was repeated. mourners gathered at the same church to say good-bye to 6- year-old jessica rekos. a girl who loved horses and whales. several wakes also being held this evening for victims of friday's massacre including one for teacher victoria soto. the memorials for the 20 students and six teachers grow each day. well wishers from all over are coming to pay their respects. some lit candles. others put ornaments on christmas trees. many wonder how the families will get through the holidays. >> can you imagine that's where my heart goes out to. i can't imagine having to wake up christmas morning. i wouldn't want to. >> reporter: newtown is slowly trying to return to normal. some schools other than sandy
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hook reopened for the first time since the shooting. buses carrying children drove on to school grounds. the buses had green and white ribbons on the front sandy hook's colors. but police kept one elementary school closed as a precaution after they received threats. >> i always be worried but now it's very, very bad. >> reporter: children at sandy hook have not yet returned to school. when they do, it will be at a school in the nearby town of monroe. today for the first time since the shooting there was no police briefing. still no official word on what may have triggered last week's brutal attack against unarmed children and their teachers. in newtown, connecticut, i'm randall pinkston, back to you derek. >> we thank you for that report. now investigators had hoped that lanza's computers would yield evidence of a possible motive but he reportedly smashed up the court's hard drive and they're not sure what if any information they can get from those. the debate over gun control continues to pick up momentum in the wake of the newtown
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school tragedy. several pro gun rights lawmakers have come forward since the shooting to say it's now time to put gun control measures back on the table and the white house says it will push congress to reinstate a ban on assault weapons but many still say gun bans aren't the answer. >> they take away freedom for law-abiding folks and they don't take away the guns from those who end up being the eventual perpetrators. >> 40% of gun sales take place without a background check. no questions asked and felons, the dangerous mentally ill and domestic abusers can easily get guns. >> families of victims at virginia tech and aurora and columbine came to capitol hill today. dick's sporting goods has stopped selling assault weapons because of the new town tragedy and wal-mart's website pulled the bushmaster assault rifle lanza used to kill 20 little
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children. but other dealers are seeing a run on their assault weapons. why would anyone want something like that? well, peggy fox visited a local gun store to find out. >> reporter: more than three million americans own an ar15. the most popular rifle. at least one gun owner -- >> people shoot assault rifles for sport basically. target practice and they're shooting paper most of the people that come in herement it's a fun gun to shoot. it's easy. >> reporter: former republican presidential candidate michele bachmann has more. >> my favorite gun is an ar15 because you can be so accurate with it. >> reporter: it's the civilian verse of the m 16 used by the mill fair and it's the -- military and it's the gun of choice in movies and video. last week man used an ar15 to kill two people in a shopping mall in portland, oregon.
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but it was friday's slaying of 26 people at sandy hook elementary that has led to serious talk of a ban on the assault rifle. >> there's been talk of bans before and every time a tragedy happens they bring it up again. but hopefully common sense will prevail and you know, our rights won't be infringed. >> reporter: many people are blaming adam lanza's mother for giving him access to the weapons he used. >> i would have had the guns locked up. that's probably the mistake that she made. >> reporter: gun enthusiasts seem to agree on a small measure of control. in virginia, you can get a concealed weapons permit without ever firing a gun. it's one of a number of states that allow online courses. the owner of the blue ridge arsenal says that needs to change. >> so i feel very uncomfortable with someone having a concealed carry license not -- and they haven't shot a gun before. >> reporter: in chantilly, peggy fox, 9news now. >> gun owners say the last ban
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on assault rifles didn't stop gun violence. they say the focus needs to be on mental illness. well, an that first it was the -- anita first it was the schoolhouse massacre in newtown and now we have the aftermath and the funerals. in our area it's hitting hard for the families of homicide victims and there have been thousands of them over the last several years. our bruce johnson's been looking some of them up to see how they are coping all of this. >> reporter: two thoughts, number one this conjures up all the hard feelings and their thoughts go out to the people in newton. but now we're talking about the guns that kill people big and small. michael tyler, army veteran and reservist. he was robbed. shot and killed off rhode island avenue in northeast d.c. back in 1995. >> they had carjacked his car. and robbed him and shot him in the back of his head. >> reporter: jessica tyson is president of the d.c. area
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homicide survivors' group. just this past sunday, her grandson jeffrey tyson was shot and killed in southwest d.c.. >> i think they should abandon abolish all guns. >> reporter: this woman didn't need another reminder that the city, the country can be very dangerous places. d.c. knows gun violence and obviously there's some neighborhoods that are more familiar than others. this is 13th and congress street in southeast and according to one report, in the past decade alone, at least 17 people have been shot dead in this area. >> i wa the president, senate, congress, i want our leaders to close the gun show loophole. i want a lot of changes to come about to save innocent lives. >> reporter: carradine jeffreys 16-year-old daughter was shot and killed on south capital street in 2010. one of five young people killed in a chain of events that began with a stolen fake bracelet. >> it's hard to hold up. my daughter's birthday is
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december 23rd and it's really difficult. >> reporter: when she talks about the 20 children killed at the elementary school, she speaks with a mother's pain. >> their children will not be there to open christmas gifts and celebrate birthdays. just like mine will no longer be able to do. >> reporter: now we should point out that homicides are way down in the district. 82 homicides to date this year. compared to 107 last year but derek former police chief ramsey once said to me it's great that you're watching the homicides, also watch the shootings though. but hundreds of people still getting shot every year in this city and in the washington area. >> the question remain what is do we do? >> reporter: absolutely. also people want to respond. there's going to be a national response. the question is what response is it going to be? >> bruce, thank you. back to you anita. >> what do we do is one question but after last week eke shooting in newtown many are also asking why? why does this keep happening? gary nurenberg talks with a man who believes many americans have never been taught how to
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avoid violence and embrace peace. >> reporter: call of duty black ops 2 violent video game made $500 million on its first day of release last month. going to be under a lot of christmas trees. how about sunday afternoon's for tens of millions of americans? >> it's a violent game. a national sport is a violent sport. >> reporter: and how about the shoot them up on this tv station the night before connecticut's horror? violence as entertainment. does a culture that celebrates and enjoys violence lead to sandy hook? why are we so violent? >> one reason is we are not taught alternatives to violence. so people go through all our schools and never hear that there are other ways to solve conflicts without using fists guns or armies bombs and nukes. if you don't know how to do it then you can't do it. >> reporter: he has been
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teaching alternatives to violence for 30 years. >> left and right and came from originally? >> reporter: his students at bethesda made this tribute video and posted it on youtube. he says you have to teach alternatives to violence early. >> if we took peace education seriously, every school would be getting a first grade, second grade, third right on through elementary and middle school and college would offer the courses as basic parts of our education system. >> reporter: like you start teaching math in the first grade. >> it's the same principle. if you taught peace education, maybe the boy could not be to interested in violent video games. >> reporter: or perhaps in expressing anxiouser and frustration -- anger and frustration by murdering innocent children. gary nurenberg, 9news now. today maryland governor says his administration will introduce bills aimed at preventing mass shootings like the one at sandy hook. o'malley says details of the legislation have yet to be
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worked out but there will be laws relating to assault weapons, mental health treatment and safety in schools. we've got some breaking news out of the aspen hill area in silver spring tonight. sky 9 over the 14,100 block of connecticut avenue. montgomery county police there say they got a phone call of a report from someone that they were shot in the eye. it reporteddedly happened in north gate park between georgia avenue and belfry road. the victim said to be a 19-year- old male was taken to the hospital. we don't know much more but when we do get more information we will pass it on to you. prince william county police in the meantime are asking for your help to find a man who sexually assaulted a 15- year-old. now this one happened yesterday afternoon in woodbridge. this is the composite sketch of the guy that the teenager says came to her door claim dog work for the cable -- to work for the cable company. the man came back and pulled a knife and then forced the girl into a bedroom where he attacked her. he was wearing --
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the last time she saw him. prince george's county police looking for some gunmen who bloke into a house in port washington and opened fire today. it happened in the middle of the night one man was shot in the back. he's expected to survive. investigators say he was in the house with his wife and child police say the suspects demanded money and jewelry. still unclear exactly what was taken in this invasion. neighbors in one neighborhood are back at home after affrightsening ordeal. tenants evacuated after a gunman barricaded himself inside the apartment on greenwitch wood drive. no shots were fired and the barricade ended peacefully early this morning. the man was taken to the hospital for evaluation. when you think of a classroom, most of us probably imagine the four walls, desks and maybe a chalkboard. coming up, we'll show you how some local educators are knocking down the walls and introducing life skills in volunteerism into the lives of
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young people. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. kind of windy but still pretty mild out here. we'll come back and talk about how nigh it's going to be -- nice it's going to be tomorrow and if we will finally realize we are in the month of december. >> i'm danielle nottingham on capitol hill. coming up, house republicans work on a backup plan to help avoid the fiscal cliff.
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the clock is still ticking, two weeks to go but the white house and congressional republicans say they remain hopeful that a fiscal cliff deal can be made before the end of this year. >> but tonight, some of the focus is shifting to a fallback plan to keep taxes from going up. danielle nottingham has the latest from here in washington. >> reporter: anita, house speaker john boehner told his fellow house republicans he's still trying to work out a deal with the white house but he also said that he wants to cut down on the number of americans affected if tax rates go up. house speaker john boehner is rolling out a backup plan to prevent a tax hike on january 1st. in case he does not reach a fiscal cliff deal with the president. >> our plan b. would protect american taxpayers who make $1 million or less. >> reporter: still looking for a way to avoid the cliff's automatic tax hikes and sweeping spending cuts, the white house quickly rejected boehner's proposal. >> he would lose hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue.
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relative to the decoupling the president proposed and most of that money or a significant portion of that money if not most would go to millionaires. >> reporter: despite all the talk of a backup plan, the day began here inside the capitol with real optimism that a fiscal cliff compromise with the white house is getting closer. both sides are making concessions. the president initially insisted on letting tax cuts expire for households making $250,000 or more. but his new proposal raises that threshold to $400,000. >> if the president has demonstrated obvious willingness to compromise. >> when you're getting closer. you are certainly not -- maybe you're at the 20-yard line. but you haven't scored. >> reporter: republicans are still looking for deeper spending cuts to programs like social security and medicare. but some now acknowledge wealthy americans will have to pay more taxes. senate majority leader harry reid says speaker boehner needs to focus on a large scale
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deficit reduction deal and he said his plan b. would not pass both houses of congress. on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, anita, back to you. >> danielle, thank you. senate majority leader harry reid says boehner's plan b. has no chance of getting passed in the senate. we made it easy for you to track the latest developments on the fiscal cliff or lack thereof and the ways it could affect you and your family. log on to our website., there's a banner right on top of the home page. all right, i know there are those to have you out there who are going to love this story. the lawyer for an exotic dancer in maryland is suing her former employer the showcase strip club in beltsville. that dancer named ivy reid claims she was fired because she rejected the repeated sexual advances of the female club owner and her boyfriend. she had worked there for five years before she was let go earlier this morning. she also claims she worked for hours she wasn't paid for and she says she was fined for
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calling in sick and coming in late. and there you go. >> wow. files a lawsuit. >> nobody wants to comment on that story for reasons that are obvious. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> obviously. now we're going to segway to the fact that-so gorgeous -- it was so gorgeous out there. >> it was kind of windy which is you know can take away some of the you know warm air but really all things considered for december? we have no complaints. let's start with a live look outside. no complaints here, no fog problems tonight. we're looking at a live michael & son weather camera. and temperatures are well, well above average. your average high is now down to 46. we're coming in at 52 today. high was in the upper 50s. dew points 32. notice you know last night the dew points were in the 50s. so we do have a little colder and drier air mass. nothing crazy. but wind out of the northwest at 18 and pressure recovering now at 29.70-inches of mercury. look at the winds still gusting to 23 miles per hour in leesburg. 16 in gaithersburg. a 30-mile-per-hour wind gust
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just in the last hour at national. and at 26-mile-per-hour wind gust down to andrews. but the temps are still pretty nice. now that said you factor in the winds and it feels a little colder than this but we've had no complaints today believe me. 46 in gaithersburg. 49 still in rockville. 48 fairfax. 50 in burke. we're looking at 49 arlington. low 50s in college park. still 50 in bowie. and upper 40s in laurel. so staying breezy or windy for the next few days just got to get used to the winds. colder tonight and need the sunglasses tomorrow. wednesday best in week no doubt and the next storm will be the latter half of thursday and that's a much stronger storm than we've seen over the past few weeks. so tonight, clear to partly cloudy. breezy colder. just a one blanket night. a 34 to about 42. and winds westerly at about 10 to 20. now by morning mostly sunny and breezy and chilly. a light jacket will take care of you. 30s and 40s. winds more west southwest at 10
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to 15 on wednesday morning. by afternoon mostly sunny yeah breezy. but more like november than december. highs near 55. and wind west northwest at 10 to 15. next three days our 9 weather alerts are green, yellow green. green tomorrow. no worries 54. afternoon or evening rain on thursday could impact the evening commute thus the yellow. 50. and yes i got a flake on friday rather. early morning shower possible. maybe a flake as well. windy and colder on friday. only in the mid 40s. so a little dose of reality friday and over weekend but nothing crazy -- the weekend but nothing crazy cold yet. saturday mid 40s as well. sunday upper 40s and bright and brisk. ravens at home. no worries. skins up in philadelphia mid 40s for sunshine if you're headed up there. then 50 on christmas eve day and now christmas is on the seven day. alas, it's partly cloudy and 47. fairly cold enough for a fire. >> or a coat. >> derek look what's back. it's the glowing ufo ornament. >> it's kind of pulsating
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there. >> it is tuesday. and we have our bed shot back -- best shot page has been under reconstruction thank you for your patience. this is a great shot of fishing on chesapeake, virginia. this sent to us by pearl. pearl, nice job. go to the website, click on weather and then please include your name and location and description. >> just want to stay that vis miss is going to be -- christmas is going to be perfect for the santa bowl. playing football? >> when you play football like in december, you want it muddy and snowy and really cool like -- >> there's something to be said for that. >> probably the ornament. coming up britain's queen elizabeth goes somewhere no sitting monarch has ever gone before. >> but first virginia is not just for lovers, it's for millionaires. a million dollar check in the commonwealth. his name is not derek mcginty is all i know.
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higher speed limits, yes, higher ones went into effect today on several commuters routes in the district. speed limits have been raised by 5 miles an hour on eastbound and westbound new york avenue from bladensburg road to the maryland line. bladensburg from mount olive north capitol street and coo normal road from cambridge to
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fox haul. got that? -- hall. got that? the d.c. mayor made the changes after a study of automated cameras show the speed limits could be raised without impacking safety. metro's legal costs have skyrocketed over the past five years. the "washington examiner" reports that largely because of lawsuits stemming from the deadly red line crash in 2009. nine people were killed in that crash. 80 others were hurt. the paper says metro has paid out $173 million in claims as a result of the tragedy. the national highway traffic safety administration is slapping toyota with a record-breaking fine. the japanese automaker must pay $17.4 million for once again failing to quickly report problems to federal regulators and for delaying a safety recall. it's the largest single fine ever assessed against a car company over safety defects. and the fourth time toyota has been fined in the past two years for similar infractions. toyota agreed to pay the penalty but it did not admit to
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violating the law. another virginia resident joins the powerball millionaire club. his name is michael delfonte and he claims huissiers mother- in-law prize is a woodbridge -- his ceremonial prize at the woodbridge gas station. he is the seventh powerball winner in the commonwealth in the last four weeks. >> they scanned it and congratulated me and i'm still standing this, my wife and i wondering gee how did this happen? but this was a great, great thing. it was fantastic, never felt so good in my life. >> i believe him. by the way the owner of the gas station got a check for $10,000 and he will invest his million dollar winnings and build a comfortable nest egg for the future. coming up an american journalist relieved after being held hostage in syria speaks out about his ordeal. >> at ahead the traditional
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teaching methods don't work for everybody. how a local high school is redefining what a classroom looks like. >> but up next new stories of survival and heroism in the wake of the newtown school tragedy. hear from an 8-year-old boy who helped comfort his classmating during the ordeal. we'll be right back.
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you never know who's going to step up and be a leader when there's a crisis. in the middle of all that fear and chaos friday, in newtown, connecticut. there was an 8-year-old boy up
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there offering words of comfort to his classmates. >> after much debate about if and when we hear at 9news now should air interviews from the young survivors luke santana's story is just too riveting not to share with you. jim axelrod talks to him and his family. >> reporter: last friday began as a normal day for luke santana and his third grade classmates at sandy hook elementary. but things got scary pretty quickly. >> there were about to announce something on the speaker and we heard gunshots. >> reporter: on the other side of the building, the shooter was beginning his rampage. luke's teacher tried to protect her kids. so you're in the classroom. and miss mckenzie is -- is she calm? is she excited? how was she? >> she was crying. >> reporter: miss mckenzie was crying. >> yeah. >> reporter: he says it must have been pretty scary. >> yeah but then like -- our next door teacher said to come
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to her classroom. >> reporter: so you all went in there? >> yeah because probably the gunman was going to come in our classroom. >> reporter: fortunately for luke and his classmates, the gunman never made it to their classroom. but even as they were ushered to safety at a nearby fire house the kids were very scared. and luke bravely wanted to help calm them. >> they're crying and like it's okay. my dad is a cop. and he'll like help us. >> reporter: his dad luke ramirez is a police officer in the neighboring town of oxford. and he did come. he was one of the first responders on the scene. >> i thought my husband was calling me and i picked up the phone right away and iered just heard the -- just heard the terror in his voice telling me something terrible happened. you have to get here to the store. >> reporter: his mom said she prayed all the way she rushed to school. when she got through the mayhem at the four house, she finally saw the -- fire house, she finally saw the most welcome
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sight imaginable. >> he was with my husband. >> he grabbed me actually and i said oh, i said, you are finally here. what took you so long? >> reporter: it was the happy ending for the santana family but for luke, it's still sinking in. >> well, i'm glad i wasn't on the other side because then i probably wouldn't make it. >> reporter: no thought any 8- year-old should ever have to carry. for "cbs this morning," i'm jim axelrod in newtown, connecticut. >> communities across the country are paying tribute to the victims? survivors of the newtown school shootings. last night in florida the iconic miami tower bathed in the school colors of sandy hook city leaders say the blue and green lights are a tasteful way of recognizing the tragedy. well, nbc news' chief foreign correspondent and his crew are free people tonight after being held hostage in
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syria for five days. richard engel says they were loyal to the syrian government and the notework correspondent says they were blindfolded and bound during the ordeal. >> the last five days were very difficult. we were very happy to be out. we're very happy to be back in turkey. we love being here. we love this country. and we appreciate all the help. the last five days are some days we would rather forget. >> we're glad you're safe too richard. now engel says they were released after a fire state at a syrian -- fight at a syrian check point. they executed at least one of the rebel escort on the spot can they were captured. by sitting in on a cabinet meeting for the first time. it is believed to be the first time a sitting monarch attended a cabinet gathering in that is 100 years, she was there as an observer but not a visitor. after all of the coverage
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of the newtown tragedy, i don't have been telling us you want to hear some more -- you've been telling us you want to hear more positive use. we mar you. >> there's a whole street down in annandale where many of the homes were built by local high school students from virginia, maryland and d.c.. peggy fox reports on a program that helps kids stay focused on school and gives them some skills they can use their whole lives. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: this is much more than just a construction site where a new home is being built. it's a classroom. the workers are high school students with the buildings futures program at phillips alternatives high school in annandale. >> it's pretty amazing because i mean like who else does that you know? >> these students typically haven't done well in a traditional educational program. sitting in a classroom for seven hours a day just didn't work. so our students come and they do academic work for half the day and then they switch and come out here and work on the job site for the other half of the day. >> reporter: how has this made
5:35 pm
learning exciting for you patrick? >> it makes learning exciting because i actually get to do the hands-on stuff. instead of someone talking at you all day telling you how to do it. you get to do it. >> these are students that have offer been told what they can't do. i think the phillips building futures program has really shown them what they can do. >> reporter: the school owns the property and breaks even by selling the home. the students receive a stipend for their work but technically are not paid. if this were a professional construction site, the emphasis would be on getting it done fast. probably about six months. but it takes them two years to build one house. because the emphasis is on learning, not profit. the students have built many of the homes here on holy oak drive. which house did you help on? >> this house down the street. >> yeah. when you drive by it what do you think? >> like man i built that. >> reporter: pretty cool? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: the building futures program has been putting up houses here for 14
5:36 pm
years. >> put a level on it. >> reporter: with robert jackson as the foreman. >> it does a lot for them. makes them feel like they're on top of the world. i can do anything. i can build a house and i can pour concrete. there's nothing i can't do if i can do this. >> reporter: that lesson is priceless. in annandale, peggy fox, 9news now. >> that foreman tells us many of the former students have gone on to get good job in the construction industry. rg3 isn't just finding success on the field. he's now leading all nfl players in one off the field popularity contest. we're going to talk about that coming up. >> but up next the redskins play the part of santa. washington's favorite football team helps hundreds of children score some holiday gifts. and don't forget we're always on for you at stay with us, we will be right back.
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hard to believe but we are just one week from christmas. that means santa moving into high gear trying to pull fill as many wishes as he can. >> but unfortunately the old boy can't get to everyone. however you can still help him by answering a letter to santa. >> here's one of thousands of letters written from people in our area --
5:40 pm
>> so, if you'd like to help kids like zeno pick up a letter from the main post office over on brentwood road in northeast d.c.. it's not too late folks. they have the information you need. some needy area kids got holiday gifts today from none other than the washington redskins. the team's locker room at fedex field at that point formed into santa's -- transformed into santa's workshop. the hog ets were on hand to greet the kids and help them pick toys each child also got a santa hat and a football. bet those were popular. >> absolutely. and there was some disadvantaged young people getting a taste of christmas today. they were welcomed to capitol
5:41 pm
hill d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton. a holiday party tradition she's hosted since she was elected decades ago. about 100 kids got clothes and toys and some necessities. and they were entertained by santa and mrs. clause. well, still to come tonight, twinkies are getting a little hard to find these days. but a signed one? well, that's even rarer. >> got to have that. but first, twitter nearly melted down today with word of a change to instagram's privacy policies. we'll sort out what's new, what's not and what it means for your photos on instagram. that's next.
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if you tweet, you know one of the top trends on twitter today instagram. everyone's talking about how the popular photosharing service hinted in its revise user agreement it might share pictures in ads. jewels is aol's former privacy director and currently the chair of the future of privacy forum a think tank. how big of a policy change is this? >> well, to tell you the truth the policy change wasn't really that big. but it clearly got a lot of people worried and a lot of
5:45 pm
people confused and so instagram actually just announced that they're going to tweak their language to make it clear they were not planning on selling your pictures or changing the privacy settings. but a lot of people got really worried which els you how big -- tells you how big it really is. >> it's been purchased by facebook which made instagram even bigger. facebook had its own privacy deback 8:00s. why do the -- debacles. why do companies keep doing this? >> facebook paid about $1 billion for instagram. whether it's the lunch or people are sharing, here's what i ate today and here's my lunch. but whether it's young people photosharing you know where they are and what party they're at or the rest of us sharing our lunch or our kids. we love letting the world know what we're up to. here's what happens. facebook bought instagram. and instagram's been free and
5:46 pm
it has a billion -- they paid $1 billion for it. at some point someone is going to make some money here either by charging users which nobody would like nobody wants to pay. or there'd be some ads and instagram added some language saying we're going to have ads and the language was not well done and lots of users got the impresentation that maybe their lovely lunch picture might end up in an ad. >> or their kids or something. so speaking of which, i didn't know that much about instagram. i'll admit it but my middle school age daughter and her friends are crazy over it and they post all kinds of stuff. all the little activities they really enjoy. the privacy settings issue concerned me more as a parent. >> so they didn't change the privacy settings and they promises they're not planning on changing the privacy settings. that's one thing i think a lot of folk got confused about. but it is important to have a conversation with your kids or for you the actually make sure that you understand who is your audience. if you're looking to connect
5:47 pm
with your friends, great. they want to know ha you're up to? let them know. but if you're not looking to share ma you're doing with the would then make sure your settings restrict it to only your friends. and it can be a bit tricky. >> it sure is. and as social media continues to grow and finds new venues it's conversations we have to keep having. >> we have to change the confers. we use today say -- conversation. we used to say don't put it online. we want to share with each over and we're putting that out there and what we need to do now is use the setsings and shape them so that we put our best foot forward and the footprint that we want the employer or the college reviewer or frankly the next date. we need to manage the settings to present ours well. >> from the future of privacy forum. thanks for giving us insight on what's happening with instagram. thanks a lot. derek? thanks folks. well, now just in case you weren't quite sure of the weather was kind of summer-like out there. topper's got some thunderstorm video for us. >> it's freaky and in fact
5:48 pm
tomorrow we're actually -- there's a slight risk of severe weather in missouri and arkansas. to savannah, georgia though. they had a line of thunderstorms to through. -- go through. nothing tornadic but pretty serious damage to some homes. >> what month is it again? >> it's december all right and that's coastal georgia around savannah. all right a live look outside. the high was 62 today. that was a live look at the community center, michael & son weather camera. it's still 52. dew points in the low 30s so it's a little bit colder out. and the winds northwest at 18. and the winds will continue to blow all night just not quite as strong. pressure recovering and satellite and radar combined. developing storm out in the southwest. that's going to be our storm on thursday in the meantime, just a few clouds will pass to our north tonight. in terms of precipitation we're done. just some high and mid level clouds and later on tonight. that's about it. all in all, pretty nice night with temperatures still well above average.
5:49 pm
i mean look at the temps 48 rockville. 47 vienna. 49 in bunk. these are above average for high temperatures let alone current temperatures. 48 arlington and 50 college park and okay it's down to 49 in bowie and down to 50 over at andrews. so staying breezy to windy. really right on through the week now. colder tonight you'll need the sun glass glasses tomorrow. wednesday will be the best in the week and the next storm will be thursday primarily in the afternoon and evening on thursday. clear to partly cloudy tonight. breezy colder and one blanket night. 34 to about 42. winds westerly 10 to 20. now tomorrow morning mostly sunny and breezy and chilly. 30s and 40s. winds west to southwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon a great day really. mostly sunny and still breezy. pleasant. highs near 55 and winds west northwest at 10 to 15. next three days our 9 weather alerts are green, yellow and green. okay. green tomorrow. no worries breezy and mild 54. and then afternoon or evening
5:50 pm
rein on thursday, perhaps unfortunately just in time for the evening commute. thus the yellow. 50 and then windy and colder on friday. yes maybe a flurry early in the morning. 44 for a high. there will be mountain snow showers thursday night and friday. in fact winter storm watches in effect west of the divide for thursday night and friday. you folks out the deep creek and timber line some ski resorts maybe get some snow thursday night and friday. for us the next seven days cold on friday and saturday mid 40s and then sunday bright and brisk, nice, upper hos for the ravens. -- 40s for the ravens. 50 on monday and christmas just looks okay. 47 with partly cloudy skies. >> not even conversational snow? >> there could be a couple of flouries in the mountains bayonets see anything here. >> okay. we'll see. okay more evidence it's not just washington that loves the redskins' robert griffin iii. rg3's number 10 jersey top seller in the whole league. in fact, its is the best selling single season jersey since the league started
5:51 pm
tracking such sales six years ago. reports that the denver broncos' peyton manning jersey second on the list followed by several other high- profile quarterbacks. mark sanchez not among them. all right, now get one of the jerseys signed it will likely be worth more than the old piece of memorabilia or odd piece. yes my friends, that's a twinkie and it is signed by pitcher david price. we don't know exactly why someone asked him to sign a twinkie. young -- or why that person put it up for auction on ebay but it sold for a whopping $56 at the end. so there you go. >> what are you going to do with that? >> i don't know. eat it probably. because twinkies are hard to find. >> i know. >> they are. but -- autograph? okay. so getting a unique autograph doesn't mean you have to turn to bizarre items like a twinkie. >> 9 sports' diane roberts shows us how a d.c. area man whose passion for putting pen to paper turned up some rare and exciting finds.
5:52 pm
>> i'm afros rated wannabe -- a frustrated wannabe major league player that's what i am. >> reporter: kevin's first foray into autograph collecting happened when he should have been in school. it caught the attention of chicago sun times reporter bob green and the principal. >> i was called on the carpet in charge of student discipline and he threatened to suspends me from school if i ever did it again. i promised to never do it again as long as i was at that school which was only for a couple of weeks so it was easy to keep. >> reporter: now he has ever manner from some of the game's greatest players. >> those were ted's personal copy of what they call hitter's hands. bronze casts of his hands holding one of his bats. that's the paragraph of warren spawn which was last photo ever taken of him. tim brown, clearly one of the greatest athletes of all time. not just football player but he was great at everything he did. >> reporter: those from the
5:53 pm
world after music grace his office as well. you have bruce springsteen and you have beethoven? >> we like to play beethoven for the kids before they go to sleep at night. >> reporter: there are the rarities like this knute rockne hand drawn play from 1918 and his star players the back field known as the four horsemen. those of local interest liked famed head coach vince lombardi's signature with the redskins and here's babe ruth in a ceremony giving memorabilia to yale's baseball captain. future president george herbert walker bush. >> with best wins as promised george plunk et. >> reporter: he realized his passion could become his career. >> just became more and more clear to me that you know i can make a living doing this. and my day job was starting to get mt. way. >> reporter: the journey that eliminated the day job for kevin began with this baseball full of signatures collected on a skip day of school.
5:54 pm
for 9 sports i'm diane reports. >> his best tip for would be autograph collectors is to send a nice letter to your favorite player. self-addressed stamped envelope. make it easy and ask nicely and if the player normally gets paid for his or her john hancock offer to make a donation to their favorite charity. still ahead protestors come to capitol hill hoping to pressure lawmakers to avoid that fiscal cliff. >> then a little later on 9 preps for inauguration day aren't just political. a closer look at the primping and preening some women will go through. >> that can't possibly end well. it's not always true. we'll show you coming up next.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
caught on tape tonight an accident you wouldn't expect to end well but surprise it actually does. we found this on the website
5:57 pm
dead spin. the time stamp indicates it was last month. watch this. as the tractor-trailer comes towards the camera, and then flips over. that is a load of cows. yeah. across the road. would you believe none of the bovines were hurt as you can see? they just sort of get up and walk away. that is so -- >> we have a really special announcement today. our brand new ipad app now available to download from the app store. and simon landau is here to shows from the website -- show us from the web team. >> go on the app store of your ipad. a lot of you who have an ipad or are familiar with this for those of you who might be getting it as a christmas gift. just go to the app store on ipad and click it and search wusa9 or wusa. search that. and you'll come up right here with the ability to click free because that's what it is. it's absolutely free and this
5:58 pm
is going to be your one stop shop for local news on the ipad. you will click free and then you are going to install the app. >> all right now you mentioned one stop shop for local news. that sounds very cool. explain. >> this is your home page on the ipad app. you're going to see a really nice layout and at the top you have news, weather, sports and video. so to start with video we're going to click on that. and several specifically our top viewed video stories are going to appear. so you want to watch doyle fields from earlier today. he's at home off work and you missed it. just click on play and it will start streaming for you right there. >> wow. >> really great stuff. so the next thing we're going to go to is the weather aspect of this app. now if you click on weather, you're going to have the ability to see this map that all of our meteorologists see. your forecast in four different ways. we have today's forecast, hourly forecast, we have the extended forecast, and then we also have the weekend forecast.
5:59 pm
now you know, right now it's been pretty great weather but say a blizzard comes, it gets into wintertime. the school closings are actually going to appear right on this section. so you'll be able to have those alerts delivered to you right there as well. >> amazing app everien will want to -- everybody will want to download it. back to you. and we begin at 6:00 with breaking news out of laurel where students may have prevented a violent attack. a spokesperson for the city tells 9news now students at laurel high expressed concerns about a fellow student to school officials that led to the discovery of some kind 06 diagrams and drawings that seemed to indicate a plan for some kind of violence. well, tonight that student is in the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. we have a news crew working on this story and we'll bring you more details as they develop. of course this report comes on heels of the newtown school tragedy. tory dunnan


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